What Is CLIP?

CLIP create experiences which spark curiosity by encouraging participants to experiment with sound and explore the creation of music from unexpected sources.

Want to find out more? Read our mission statement here.

What Does CLIP Do?

CLIP deliver a diverse programme of activities and projects to a wide range of individuals and partner organisations including schools, galleries and museums. Our work enables participants access to professional instruments, recording equipment and performance opportunities. Visit the workshops page to find out more.

What Have CLIP Done?

Our one-off projects usually engage a specific community group, focusing on a performance or exhibition output. For example, our project with Colchester Zoo where we recorded a variety of animals for an exhibition at Firstsite. Or “In (the) C” performance project where we performed Terry Riley’s “In C” but quite literally in the sea.


Simon Keep


Simon has over a decade of experience as a Sound Designer, working with high profile clients such as BBC, MTV and The Tate Modern. You can find him turning old junk into instruments or recording the sounds of the sky from a hot air balloon.

Simon also has a PGCE and is a trained Mental Health First Aider.

Frazer Merrick


Frazer is a sound artist, educator and producer. His work focuses on collaboration, improvisation and interactivity, creating experiences that transform a space or object. Frazer has built an interactive piano from bananas, an instrument which listens to light and even played a gig under water. His work as been aired on BBC Radio 3 and 4, been played on Channel 4 and installed at various galleries.

Frazer is level 2 safeguarding trained and has received training in working with young people with autism spectrum condition.

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