Make Music with Light!

Listen to the sound of light with the Photon Smasher. Convert light into sound and explore a hidden world of rhythms, melodies and textures.

Photon Smasher

A Microphone for Light

Discover a hidden world of sound with the Photon Smasher, the handmade microphone that turns light into sound. Assemble the kit and use the included LED to listen to light. Explore the physics of light and sound to turn bicycle lights into thumping drum beats and light up toys into futuristic synthesisers.

Learn the Physics of Light and Sound
Recommended age 8+

Getting Started


Open up the Photon Smasher and follow the super simple assembly guide to start listening to light.


Use the included LED to start discovering the hidden sound of light. Grab another instrument and jam along with it.


What other lights can you listen to? Bicycle lights, light-up toys and flashing fairy lights all make amazing sounds!

What does it sound like?

What’s in the box

Photon Smasher circuit board (battery included)
Solar panel
LED light and remote (batteries included)

Get your own Photon Smasher now

Listen to the sound of light with the Photon Smasher. Limited numbers available.