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We have delivered workshops in a wide variety of locations including schools art galleries, community centres, youth services, museums and schools. From one hour taster sessions, to all day workshops and long term projects. Our workshops enable participants access to professional instruments, recording equipment and performance opportunities.

All our sonic experiences are accessible to everyone, encouraging all to find the fun and creativity in exploring sound and music.

We have experience working with students from KS1 through to KS4, from small groups to whole classrooms. Here’s just a small selection of our past workshops:

  • Live coding music with Sonic Pi
  • The science of sound: understanding the physics of sound
  • Musical robots; using micro:bit to code and build robotic instruments
  • Improvising games and listening exercises
  • Sampling: Creating rhythms from everyday sounds
  • Scoring for film: The power of music in cinema
  • Foley for film: Exploring hyper-realistic sounds
  • Cassette tape looping: Rhythm and sampling
  • Circuit bending: Improvising with charity shop toys

Prices available upon request, get in touch to find out more.