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In partnership with Firstsite, CLIP have been awarded £30,000 to fund two years of free music workshops for young people in Colchester.

Budding Colchester young musicians and noise makers are set to benefit from a £30,000 grant made by Youth Music to Firstsite and its experimental music club, CLIP. 

The money will be used to fund a weekly meet up at Firstsite, as well as additional workshops with Essex Youth Services, where young musicians will have the opportunity to experiment with music and sound to build confidence through improvising and performing.

How to get involved

Young people need no equipment or musical knowledge to join in the CLIP activities, they encourage good listening skills more than musical ability. CLIP workshops take place every term-time Monday, 5-8pm, at Firstsite and begin on 9th September.

Sally Shaw, Director of Firstsite said: “We’re delighted with this grant from Youth Music and to continue our support of CLIP. The money will be put to great use enabling young musicians to experiment with equipment they may otherwise have access to and for Firstsite to create fun musical experiences for all skills levels.”

Matt Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer, Youth Music said: “We’re very pleased to support this very worthwhile project. Our vision is that every child, regardless of circumstances, should have the opportunity to explore their musical creativity. CLIP will be enabling many young people to fulfil their musical potential and enjoy the thrills of live performance. We wish them all the best with this exciting venture.”

Want to find out more?

Simply visit the Firstsite website to see the full schedule of upcoming CLIP workshops, or visit our instagram page to see and hear what we’ve been up to recently.