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CLIP musicians win international instrument building competition

Budding young musicians and noise makers from our Colchester music club have won the Young Music Maker competition at this years Maker Music Festival – an online celebration of innovative, experimental, and unusual musical instrument makers from across the globe.

This year’s competition theme was circuit bending, the art of modifying and customising preloved toys and instruments by opening them and “bending” the circuits. The young musicians made wild new sounds by adding new connections, switches, buttons and dials – turning them into out of this world instruments. Not only is circuit bending a great way to learn about electronics, but it also breathes life into old toys, and creates unique new sounds.

Congratulations to competition winners Heath, Isobelle, Lucian, Rainbow, and Thomas for their outstanding circuit bent projects!

Through a series of workshops the young musicians made their unique creations before filming short videos explaining how they work and demoing their gloriously glitchy sounds – which can be seen on the Maker Music Festival website, along with other unique musical instruments from around the world.

CLIP Co-Founder Frazer Merrick said “we’re always amazed at the artistic prowess of the young musicians we work with. The time and effort they put into modifying, customising, and documenting their creations is phenomenal – the instruments sound great!”