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Making music online is easier than ever, and here’s where you can get started.

As our computers get more powerful, now you don’t even need to download anything to start making music. Simply visit the sites listed below and get the musical creativity flowing straight away using only your browser and your imagination.

CLIP specialise in working with young people and we’re aware of the requirements  this brings. As such, all of the sites listed below require no signup/login process or even software downloading – they’re simply browser based tools that are free to use.

Ocean Waves

Make music with friends in your web browser

Whilst Ocean Waves may look similar to other browser based sequencers mentioned here, its killer feature is its ability to offer collaborative composition without signing up for an account! Simply load up the interface, copy the invite link and send it to your friend to start jamming together.


A web synthesizer that turns your drawings into loops of sound.

Quick and easy to get immediate results, Scribble is rewarding for complete beginners to make something “musical” straight away by turning your “scribbles” into rhythms.

Make music with light!

Discover a whole new world of sound with this unique musical invention, the Photon Smasher – the microphone that turns light int sound.


Type Drummer is an instrument for making ascii beats.

By building detailed rhythms from sentences, Type Drummer offers a beautiful way of combing creative writing and music making. It can also create a unique URL for your beat making it easy to share too.

Add Texture

Design ambience, crunchiness and atmosphere for synth music and sonic inspiration for soundtracking

Each time you load Add Texture it picks a random selection of field recordings from its library which you can then ‘mix’ together to create rich soundscapes. Add Texture was originally proposed to provide ambience, crunchiness and atmosphere for synth music and sonic inspiration for soundtracking – meaning it works brilliantly alongside other sounds and music. It can also create a unique URL for your beat making it possible to share your beat.

808 303

Emulate the sound of the original TR-808 drum machine and TB-303 bass synthesiser.

Create your own acid house beats with the iconic sounds of Roland’s 808 and 303 music making machines. It works similar to other step sequences, allowing you to draw melodies and beats, but also to adjust parameters real time – like a true acid house DJ in the mid-80s. Interestingly not only does it allow you to record your performances, but also export as a video complete with rotate vinyl record.

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108 is a minimal beat machine in the browser, featuring 5 classic samples that can be arranged on a 16 step loop running 108 bpm.

A playful approach to the online drum machine where you place beats by typing. The circular interface is really satisfying, however the small sample bank and set tempo (108bpm) make it limited.


Create beats in your browser.

Sampulator offers a simple way to both perform and sequence beats by typing. The stock sounds are mostly suited to R&B tracks with a solid selection of vocal hits, 808 beats and clean guitar twangs.

Song Maker

Tap to add notes, then use the buttons on the bottom to play and change your melody.

A simple and intuitive way of writing melodies in a bright colourful interface. For beginners it’ll turn quick scribbles on the screen into intricate melodies, but for the more experienced it allows you to program intricate polyphonic harmonies.

Part of the Music Lab Chrome Experiments, which is full of other musical web tools too.

Beep Box

BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodies.

Whilst not as pretty as the other online sequences, Beep Box is certainly the most feature rich, with a wide selection of instrument sounds of pick from. Some really powerful features including WAV and MIDI export allowing you to take rhythmic creations into other music software. It also generates a unique URL for your creation, making it easy to share.

If you can tap, type or swipe then you can play music!

These sites are great starting points for music creation using digital tools, regardless of experience.

Know a site that we’ve missed? Please let us know! You can reach us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and we’ll get the blog updated with additional links.

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